May 3-6, 2016

colorado convention center, denver, co

Think You Have What it Takes to Become a Speaker?

We are looking for dynamic presentations that demonstrate the leading edge issues of the IT & Telecom programs within the water, electric, and gas utility industry, and motivate the pursuit of excellence to advance the modern utility. The deadline to submit is October 31, 2015.

Topics may include:

  • IT/OT Convergence
  • Wireless Technologies & Spectrum
  • Advocacy and Regulatory Issues
  • Physical and Cyber Security
  • Rural Broadband
  • Aging Workforce Strategies
  • Emerging Themes in Utility Modernization
  • Joint Use and Collocation
  • Smart Water Infrastructure
  • IP Transition
  • Utility Data Analytics and Cloud Services
  • Water Network Optimization
  • Gas Utility Smart Technology & Remote Shut-off
  • Fiber, Microwave and SCADA
  • Utility Telecom Metrics
  • Operation Center Monitoring

Water Utilities and Technology Providers to Launch a New Conversation at UTC Telecom & Technology 2016

We are excited that water utilities are moving forward with modernization, AMI and advanced communications. It is UTC’s goal to support these utilities as we have for 65 years in electric utilities. We are growing this new focus area to assist water utilities get answers to communications questions, assess technology solutions, determine business case drivers and navigate the telecom and technology of utility modernization.

We welcome new voices and new stories to our community and look forward to having water-focused sessions, content and educational workshops.

UTC’s Focus on Smart Water
  • Aging water infrastructure is estimated to need a $1 trillion upgrade.
  • Financing options for water utilities are more limited with past federal funding.
  • Municipal and private water companies are looking for new and creative financing models.
New technologies for “smart water networks” are gaining attention around the world. Serving the industry for more than 65 years, UTC’s Mission is to shape the future of utility mission critical technologies by driving innovation, fostering collaboration and influencing public policy.
And we welcome new voices to the conversation.
The deadline to submit is October 31, 2015.

Consider Exhibiting in 2016

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