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  • Tuesday

Telecom 101 Class

9:00am - 12:00pm

Mesquite H

Are you new to the field of utility telecommunications? Or possibly have telecommunications experience but new to the utility environment? This tutorial will give you an overview of how utilities are using information and telecommunications systems today. Topics will cover the breadth of facilities, media and applications used – including a special focus on data networks, Smart Grid and distributed generation, applications in electric and gas operations, and the continued convergence of voice and data communications. Emphasis will be placed on telecom applications unique to the utility industry, digital transmission technology, optical links, wireless systems and their integration with the Internet.


Utility Telecom Consulting Group

Power Systems 101 Class

9:00am - 12:00pm

Mesquite G

If you are new to the electrical utility industry – or need a refresher – this overview of the electrical industry and power concepts is right for you. It will explore how energy is used by the electrical utility industry and how the different elements on the electrical system affect electrical system reliability and operations. Building on power system concepts, we will delve into fault isolation, power factor, and other system programs being implemented by utilities today.

There are a multitude of ideas and concepts that could be discussed in this presentation due to the breadth of the power industry. Covering the whole power industry in three hours would be difficult at best. In an attempt to focus on the power systems concepts to meet the interests of the demographics of the people who typically attend the UTC National conference, the goal of this presentation will start with energy and power basics, and touch on generation and transmission systems. However, the bulk of the presentation will be geared towards distribution systems, the elements of distribution systems, and some of the applications and programs used on the distribution systems.


Power System Engineering, Inc

Tri-State G&T (retired)