Cory Crenshaw

Crenshaw Communications Consulting, LLC

Cory Crenshaw is a 2001 Graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science.  After graduation Ms. Crenshaw moved to a Telecommunications Engineering firm Lockard & White, Inc. based out of Houston.  During her tenure at Lockard & White, Inc. she was tasked with becoming the regulatory compliance expert for all engineering projects.  After nearly 7 years at Lockard & White, Inc. she left the company to start her own consulting firm focusing on a wide variety of regulatory compliance concerns such as obtaining radio authorizations, tower construction compliance, working through both licensed and unlicensed spectrum and many other parts of compliance.

Ms. Crenshaw founded Crenshaw Communications Consulting, LLC. in 2013.  Ms. Crenshaw is frequently brought in by engineering firms and law firms alike to assist in compliance for their clients to ensure once operations are commenced compliance is already addressed.  Additionally, Ms. Crenshaw has worked as an expert consultant in arbitration cases.  Ms. Crenshaw focuses on several aspects of compliance including licensing, waivers, authorizations, tower construction compliance, equipment certification processes and other areas as required by clients to meet each individual client’s unique needs.  Ms. Crenshaw also takes an active role in policy at the Commission through submission of comments and other documents.  Ms. Crenshaw works in regulatory compliance in both the United States and Canada.