Karen Flewharty


Karen Flewharty has worked in Oncor Electric Delivery’s distribution business for 19 years and is currently the Joint Use Manager, supporting 2.3M poles, 13 ILEC pole owners and 210 Licensees.  After receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University, her Oncor career began at the Distribution Operations Dispatch Center.  Next she moved into Distribution Design, then to supporting distribution feeder maintenance as well as other special projects.  In 2004, Oncor created the Joint Use Management group and since that time, Karen has been responsible for the Joint Use program, regulatory and legal matters and Oncor’s outsourced pole attachment permitting business process.  She has two team members who manage the agreement and rental processes, as well as the joint use design and construction processes.  She was previously the Chairperson for UTC’s UtiliSite Council and is the chair Joint Use Sub-Committee.