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FTTH Deployment Challenges In Rural Environments


Mesquite G/H

Connecting people everywhere means bringing fiber everywhere. “Everywhere” includes some pretty challenging deployment scenarios that call for groundbreaking product solutions and innovative deployment methods.  From over-crowded poles, to just trying to make the business case work in sparsely populated areas – this session will explore the many challenges faced when deploying FTTH in rural environments and will provide Corning’s perspective on how best to overcome them.  



Case Study on Utility Fiber

8:00am- 8:30am

Mesquite G/H - PSCC

This session will examine how utilities are deploying fiber broadband, and discuss the lessons learned with real-word examples from BARC Electric Cooperative’s CEO.


BARC Electric

Fiber Asset Health


Mesquite G/H

Fiber optic cable is an aging asset with little visibility of the health of the cable until a failure occurs. This session will explore the methods of gathering data on the current state of the fiber optic cable as well as analytics to figure out the health of the cable as compared to the state at the time of installation were explore.


Burns & McDonnell

Southern Company

Strand-Mounted Wireless

9:45am - 10:15am

Mesquite G/H

Many utilities are offering wireless colocation services and are addressing the use of 3rd party strand-mounted wireless applications on their infrastructure. The growth of small cell infrastructure is driving an increasing interest in access to utility infrastructure. This session will discuss the issues for utilities to consider, including the potential market for wireless colocation, the types of attachments (including strand-mounted attachments) and the engineering uses.


Aging Tower Infrastructure: Steps to Executing a Strategic Tower Upgrade


Mesquite G/H

Towers are essential to the utility’s communication system.  Ensuring you have adequate capacity, hardened facilities and room for growth is important to realizing a smarter communication system to support reliable, efficient and secure operations.  Avoiding tower upgrades can be more costly than the upgrade process itself if structures continue to deteriorate, and disastrous if led to tower failure. Replacing and upgrading tower infrastructure is a significant investment, but often necessary.  Attendees will learn some of the major considerations for deciding whether to upgrade existing infrastructure or replacing with a new build, and learn what steps to take to ensure your tower upgrade is strategic to your utility’s future.


Black & Veatch

Engineering and Compliance Issues for New Tower Construction and Modification


Mesquite G/H

Many utilities are installing new poles and telecommunications infrastructure, including “drop and swap” tower replacement; and telecommunications towers are being loaded and stressed with new and more equipment. This session will discuss selecting the right site location and constructability issues that could potentially save your utility thousands of dollars and many headaches. This session will also present ways utilities can effectively conduct a tower inspection and audit. It will also cover how to properly modify an existing tower to accommodate these additional and new load requirements, along with FAA requirements and state, local and tribal permitting processes associated with new tower construction and modifications.


Joint Use Contracts, Make Ready and Asset Management

3:15pm - 4:15pm

Mesquite G/H

As technology constantly changes and cities grow and expand, new technical solutions are brought to the attention of utilities to reside on their infrastructure. Because some of these technologies are new, it makes it difficult for utilities to determine guidelines for contracts and tools for asset management, including make ready. This panel will explain infrastructure access contract basics, including dark fiber leasing, wireless collocation, attachments, broadband services and other infrastructure leasing and services.


Nashville Electric Service

Tennessee Valley Authority

A Final Look at Business and Technical Issues

4:30pm - 5:30pm

Mesquite G/H

As utilities deploy broadband and fiber networks and support joint use and small cells for smart cities, they need to develop business models, service offerings and an understanding of the latest technical developments. This panel will show how utilities have successfully deployed these networks, and will discuss the business and technical issues that they have addressed along the way.


Power System Engineering, Inc

Co-Mo Electric Cooperative