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UTC provides Certificates of Attendance for all sessions offered. To request approval, you must verify requirements with your state licensing body by submitting a summary of the program, training, and education you received from UTC. Participants must register and attend the sessions to obtain a Certificate of Attendance for all UTC education content.

Professional Development Hours
1 PDH = 60 minutes


Utilities are empowering broadband deployment across the U.S. Utilities of all kinds are finding ways to connect their communities to the Internet and beyond. This track will feature a broad cross-section of the utility industry and utility vendor partners discussing how they are answering the call to bridge the Digital Divide, preparing for network disruptions, and the uses of your Broadband Infrastructure beyond High-Speed Internet. We look forward to you joining us for informative and lively sessions in the utility broadband arena.



Fiber communications systems are literally the backbone of utility communication infrastructure. These support critical internal traffic as well as provide a means to offer broadband to underserved communities. This track focuses on lessons learned and practical information needed for utilities considering fiber deployment.



UTC is excited to include a dynamic and thought provoking IT Track as part of the National T&T Educational sessions. Presentations will include a full array of subjects from TCP/IP and Cloud Basics, to IT/OT convergence, Cisco Grid Transformation and Utility Implementation of ISE, why is it important to monitor your substations, tracking problems with Wireshark, and SDN in critical ethernet networks. Please join us to discuss how these subjects are or will affect our utility operations and networks.



This year’s Private Long-Term Evolution (PLTE) track will focus on technology and applications employed by utilities for their privately owned cellular networks. These networks are critical in enabling the energy transformation occurring within the power system along with supporting other utility operational needs. Come explore this expansive track as various PLTE topics are discussed ranging from spectrum, deployment challenges, operation & maintenance, the Evolved Packet Core (EPC), and much more! Bring your tough questions as presenters for these sessions include industry subject matter experts whose insight can help guide you on your PLTE journey.



“This year’s annual conference encompasses a diverse array of insightful security tracks centered around critical infrastructure protection. Attendees can delve into topics such as the significance of IT/OT security, risk management in cybersecurity, and the valuable lessons learned from NERC CIP audits. Additionally, this year’s conference addresses internal network security monitoring and presents strategies for constructing resilient and secure operational networks, incorporating quantum-safe encryption to enhance NERC CIP compliance. The event also underscores the importance of enhancing cyber-physical security in substations, offering practical insights into countering threats in these critical infrastructure components. Altogether, these security tracks provide a comprehensive view of safeguarding vital infrastructure, catering to a wide spectrum of security-related concerns and strategies.”


UTC is excited in 2024 to add a new track to our educational sessions taking a deep dive into Telecommunication Networks. We have educational tracks on the different transport systems such as fiber, wireless, PLTE, and more. The Telecom Networks track will contain utility presentations on timely content including packet transition to IP, providing OT services across private or public transport, relay protection methods within IP/MPLS transport, and the use of Telecom Simulation labs to test integration of new and legacy systems, system training, and system troubleshooting. Come join us for a stimulating and in-depth discussion of utility Telecom Networks.



Infrastructure use developments and joint use for utility pole attachments continue to be an ongoing challenge for utilities. Taking care of utility infrastructure assets remains a challenge for utilities. Disasters, rule changes that impact utility towers, and the increasingly growing use of utility infrastructure by non-utility companies affect us all. The technical and logistical changes for utilities are many and complex. This track will look at how utilities can effectively deal with these challenges, changes, and opportunities. We hope you will join us to discuss these key topics in informative and lively educational sessions and share.


Utility wireless communications networks are a vital asset for keeping the lights on, and the water and gas flowing. This track will have the latest on industry trends and other essential intelligence that your utility needs to know. The track will include sessions navigating satellite networks for utilities, spectrum availability for utilities, and interference mitigation.



Come join us for an exciting adventure into Emerging Technologies as utilities discuss uses of drone technology in their operations, the role Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing at utilities, touching on AI in optical networks, and a strategic evolution to packet-based timing one utility is using to leverage timing across the network.


“Get ready to supercharge your utility’s security with ‘I’m from the Government and I’m Here to Help: Government Resources Available to Utilities.’ In this electrifying session, discover how your utility can tap into an array of game-changing resources provided by government agencies. Uncover cutting-edge software tools that will revolutionize your security operations, take advantage of tailor-made training offerings to upskill your team, and seize the opportunity to secure essential funding for your projects. Explore invaluable information sources to stay ahead of the curve and learn the art of building local relationships with those influential three-letter government agencies. This is your chance to transform your utility’s security strategy, making it more robust and future-ready than ever before. Join us and turn your utility into a security powerhouse!”


Land Mobile Radio Systems are the base communication systems for operations and maintenance personnel during normal daily operations, outage work, and emergency disaster situations. Come join our LMR workshop as we discuss the basics of designing a LMR Radio System, optimizing trunk radio systems, using converged devices to extend coverage, security and safety for the utility user, and how one nationwide utility benefits from a DMR Open Standard.


Building off previous years’ successful Fiber Summits, the Telecom Committee and Fiber Sub Committee continue the tradition of bringing relevant current fiber topics to our fellow Utilities. This year’s Fiber Summit will center on the elements that affect fiber optic cable operations, testing, maintenance, and safety. Our first presentation will delve into DWDM maintenance, testing, monitoring, and how it affects fiber maintenance and safety for the Telecom fiber workforce. Our second presentation will discuss the effects fiber tolerances have on fiber splicing and testing with utility case studies. Our last presentation will be on Fiber Characterization, and what is required to optimize your fiber facilities. Utilities will share case studies on the challenges and solutions surrounding Fiber Characterization.



If you’re looking for topics that impact the wireless space, look no further! The Wireless Summit includes three presentations focused on the wireless spectrum, the increasing need for towers, and regulatory updates affecting wireless activities. These are foundational topics that help enable wireless telecommunication networks to be built. The first presentation will review licensed spectrum options for 4G and 5G private networks including attributes of these spectrum bands related to power levels, propagation comparisons, and device availability. The second presentation will discuss the increasing need for towers to support private LTE and new Microwave requirements. The final presentation will provide a regulatory update on FCC policies. You won’t be disappointed in this lineup so be sure to attend!