Pre-Conference Training

Microwave Path Analysis Concepts is a training course to cover basic skills and knowledge involving concepts for microwave path analysis.

Topics will include:

  • Reflection Analysis
  • Diffraction from Obstructions
  • Rain Calculations for 11 Gig and above frequencies
  • Path Clearance Requirements
  • Space Diversity
  • Reliability Calculations-Detail Analysis of Path Calculations looking at Thermal and Dispersive Fade Margins
  • What are the Different Software Packages Available for Path Analysis
  • New Technologies — LAG, Adaptive Modulation, XPIC
  • Different Types of M/W – Split Mount, Traditional
  • Frequency Bands Available – Frequency Coordination Process
  • FCC rules effects on path designs, Antenna Classifications, Channel Sizes, and Capacity Limitations

Timing in Packet Networks – Networking and Operational environments are transitioning to packet.  This transition provides an opportunity to examine common timing architectures typically deployed today.  Going forward, packet-based architectures retain GPS as the foundation reference source while enabling implementation of more highly accurate and resilient network designs.  The new design principles are applicable to power, telecommunications, and other networks.